Koc Holding

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by doublechin, Jun 25, 2010.

  1. Koc Holding (Turkish conglomerate 69k employees) was upgraded my Merril to neutral this morning.

    Broker "Hello Mr Johnson"

    Investor: "Morning, I'm interested in Koc Holding"

    B: "Sorry?"

    I: "I want some Koc action, can you you find me some Koc cheap?"

    B: "Ahh right yes, let me just check your portfolio..... I see you've never held Koc before are you sure you want to start?"

    I: "Oh sure they have 69,000 employees, I think it's a steady investment and Merril like it this morning, they upgraded their view to neutral"

    B: "Well that's not a buy rec. it's just a hold, if you have a koc position hold it"

    I: "Well I'm not holding any but I want to be"

    B: "I see, and just how much Koc did you have in mind, I must say it's quite risky to force any sizeable position of Koc into what has until now been quite a tight portfolio"

    I: "Well I've thought about this and think I'd feel quite comfortable holding Koc, I mean I certainly don't want to be short Koc, how would that sound down the bar? "Hi guys I'm short Koc" It doesn't sound good"

    B: "I see your point, lets start with 5000 and if you don't like it you can pull out or take a deeper position if its going well"

    I: "Lets do it"

    B: "How do you want me to work this, do you want to be filled on Koc bit by bit or just filled on one swift action?"

    I: "I'd prefer one swift action, load me up, do you know anyone who's offering Koc?"

    B:"I do have a list of contacts who are always willing to offer Koc, especially in the size you're looking for"

    ...... sometime later

    B:"OK that's you filled Mr Johnson, you are now long Koc Holding"

    I: "It feels good, long's not wrong you know"

    B:"I'm glad we found you a piece at such a good price but if you want to reverse I'm always willing to do that for you"