Kobe's accuser walks away...

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    Looks like Kobe like em wide....
  2. If someone raped you, bent you over a chair and screwed you silly and then, after you reported the rape, you got constant death threats daily from die-hard basketball fans of Kobe, do you think you'd be in the best physical health?
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    is there proof of that statement??? i think something went down, but i think both sides were consenting, and i think the rape portion is a load of malarchy...
  4. Well the testimony from a witness went something like this -- She left Kobe's room screaming and crying. That doesn't seem like consential sex to me.
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    Just did the GIS and came up with the same pics.

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    But because you believe in "innocent until proven guilty" you'll reserve judgment until ALL the facts come out, right? :)
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    Holy Cow!!! I have no idea if he is guilty or innocent, but there are many reasons for her to leave the room screaming and crying after having consentual sex.

    Perhaps he told her that he was going to make up a story about her and spread it around to the press about what a wild slut she was?

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    lol... c'mon now...
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