Kobe Bryant should become a Trader

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bmwstox, Oct 15, 2003.

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    Given the recent events, it looks like Kobe is in hot water. Perhaps he can consider other careers besides the NBA, maybe he can become a prop. trader or maybe even a Specialist. I think Kobe would find alot in common with the Specialist :cool:
  2. so would George Bush.

  3. or maybe a chef. His Kobe beef seems to be a hit
  4. I don't think so. The lady in Colorado suredidn't like his meatloaf.
  5. what with recent events (more dna evidence from other than Kobe being found in her personal underwear) the question that comes to mind:

    "How did that get in there?"
  6. evidently she had sex a couple days before, so this girl wears the same underwear for three days. whoa. :eek: :eek: :eek:
  7. I think I'm in love! :D
  8. I guess his days endorsing games are over. I wonder if this will be a hot seller this X-mas(see attachment).
  9. You would think that Kobe's manager or handlers would have the smarts to assign personal to watch young Kobe 24/7 to prevent female groupies or male drunks from getting close to him and causing career ending and/or financial problems like this. Kobe HAD the potential to make hundreds of millions of dollars over his career and he pissed it all away.

    Gifted player, but just a very young man who has been very sheltered all his life (his parents bought the house next door). Just makes you shake your head. Hundreds of millions...
  10. Doesn't seem like the water are so hot anymore for Kobe.
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