Kobe Bryant: Race Card?????

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  1. I read where there is already a supposed racial incident from 'skinheads' in Eagle County who put racist flyers on cars about Kobe.....What Im wondering is this: Will this become a race issue??

    OJ turned his back on his black roots but once he got in trouble, you would have thought he was Jackie Robinson and had to endure such racial hardship....Kobe is very similar, no "street cred", highly respected and loved by white America.....I really believe that if more and more evidence comes out that indicates a jail term for Kobe , they will pull the race card out and turn this into a Kobe witch hunt by the KKK in Eagle ..
  2. It is interesting to note that the demographics indicate that Eagle County is .02 percent African American.

    So much for a Jury of your Peers . . .


  3. Did he rape a woman of his peers?
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    Convicted before the trial.....
  5. true...what about the victim....does she get a jury of her peers too?....and why is peers only skin color? Kobe is a rich guy who grew up in italy and is surrounded by millionaires and bought his wife a 4mill rock....but now that he is on trial, his peers are suddenly inner city blacks?
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    she's not on trial....then the jury should consist of a rich italian jeweler :D
  7. It's interesting that the LAW provides the Defendant an opportunity to make a motion for a "Change of Venue", yet there doesn't appear to be such provision for the prosecution and the alleged victim. Now, I might be wrong on this, but I can't recall the last time that the PROSECUTION ever asked for a "Change of Venue". Can you?

    Perhaps the LAW makes such a distinction because once again, in this country atleast, you are assumed INNOCENT until proven guilty, and every defendant is entitled to a FAIR TRIAL and IMPARTIAL JURY.
  8. This is because the trial takes place at the location of the crime which means that the jury will be from the same area. It is more likely that the locals would prefer the local to win rather than the foreigner.
  9. Double Duh.

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