KO and Berkshie

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  1. KO is a major holding of Berkshire..

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  2. KO

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  3. brka tells me they love being in chop zone

    ko tells me ZZzzzZZzz :D
  4. 08:58 KO Coca-Cola as a yield play: "paid to wait" - UBS (41.72 ) UBS notes that KO shares currently yield 2.7%, a 15-year high and the highest in firm's coverage universe (although close to BUD). While KO's shares are down significantly from their 1998 peak, the co has consistently increased dividends each Feb (43 consecutive years), and firm expects another increase in Feb 2006. Tobacco aside, KO's dividend yield is higher than the food, household, and beverage sectors, which average a dividend yield of 2.2%. As the co approaches a ramp-up in marketing and advertising spending in Q4, firm expects improving volume and profit trends into 2006. Given KO's current valuation (10-year low) and dividend yield (2.7%), they see limited downside risk to KO shares.
  5. empee


    so UBS is telling us its going lower?