Know Thy Neighbor!

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  2. Interesting, what are you drawing or concluding from this information?
  3. Well, that more single men voted democrat and therefore, single men are pillow-biters. That's what I got, how about you?

  4. That pretty much sums it up I guess.
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    Single majorities are overrun (run over) by aggregated minorities.
  6. The largest group, 60% of whites voted for Romney.

    But whites are dropping as a % of the electoral population every year whereas minorities are rising 2% every year. It is like going to the casino, play long enough and play often enough and you will lose. You will just lose.
  7. Well, by that definition, then all should correct itself as white men become the minority. Or were you hoping for some sort of whiteman land somewhere?

    I just found your reference interesting, not reading any devils in it.
  8. What I got is that Mittens played the "Father Knows Best" gambit and got his arse kicked.
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    Lol, nice.
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