Know the truth, who is behind the Egyptian revolution

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  1. For a while now, the zionist and their stooges in the US went into a rabid campaign spreading lies and misinformation intended only benefit their state and hide their crimes.

    We were painted as anti democratic, backward and islamist for the sole purpose of undermining our cause and their crimes and their affiliation with dictatorship regimes intended on benefiting the bourgeois and the affluent class in the Arab world and act as a safe guard for the zionist state.

    The video below is an eye opener for anyone who is willing to listen and think.

    It will be attacked and zionists will divert the subject by diluting it with some racist and hateful comments. I am not interested in these criminals, I am interested in presenting the truth, the truth we know and live in and experience.


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  2. There is no "eye opener" for those besieged with a blind "ism."

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    The only one here who offers racist and hateful comments is YOU sameeh55. Time after time.
  4. You are a liar and I challange you in front of everyone in here to prove that I am racist. As for hateful, you are right! I hate Tyranny/
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    Read my sentence very carefully. BTW, your reply is exactly what I mean.
  6. OK then, show my racist comments.
  7. LOL, that's funny, you never spoke against tyranny in any arab/muslim country virtually all of which are tyrannical theocracies. The only hatred you have ever expressed in your endless rants is the hatred of jews, Israel, the US, basically the hatred of free and democratic societies.
  8. Using the word "Zionist" in front of people that support Israel is the same thing as using the word nigger in front of people that have black friends.

    We all know you use the word "zionist" in a negative manner. Hell...even wikipedia acknowledges that arabs and muslims do this.
  9. Hahahahahahahaha! Are you drunk or high? You are coming to a thread, started by me, whereby I attack an Arab dictator, to accuse me of NEVER speaking against tyranny?

    What is wrong with you? Are you stupid or reckless??
  10. I never knew degrading someone's skin color is equal to attacking a fascist ideology! there are anti zionist Jews, are they racist?

    What the fuck is wrong with you guys? You are becoming sloppy.
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