Know of Equity Trader jobs in Boston?

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  1. I live in the Boston area and I'm looking to become an Equity Trader.

    I’m looking for companies who have an office in Boston, don’t charge you for training, and are looking to hire and train you to become a successful entry level Equity Trader. The only companies I can find are ones who will mentor me via online and charge me thousands of dollars to start. Not interested.

    The only companies I could find in my area were Wildwood Trading (not currently hiring) and Chimera Securities (said they would hire in the near future). The other closest office I could find was Platinum Capital in New Hampshire (Wants $2,000 + initial investment to train you without pay for 6 months).

    I want to learn how to become a successful trader, and not a hack. Can anyone offer me any assistance?
  2. Wildwood Trading is definitely worth the wait! I'd keep knocking on their door until they let you in.
  3. Hey Mad,

    Thanks for getting back to me. Well, the other half of my story is that I was offered a deal from Wildwood when I graduated from college. I rejected the offer because I didn't really understand how a good Equity Trading desk works (they train you without pay for three months so you can successfully trade their capital in the future).

    I've approched Wildwood since then, but the only position they have available is a Prop Trader which requires a $10,000. I'm young, recently out of college and broke, so that offer doesn't pertain to me.

    I even wrote the head trader a letter offering my services for a 50% payout rate with no salary (the initial offer I received was 50% payout rate with $25,000 a year salary). However, he has yet to respond to my last email. So I'm pretty sure that Wildwood Trading is not in my future.

    Any other ideas?
  4. Surdo


    I strongly doubt they will talk to you after YOU rejected them, move on.
  5. As they say, "don't burn your bridges behind you."