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  1. I am not a customer of ETG. I moved and am a customer of a small BD that clears SLK. I do not want to antagonize. My last and final point is 'consider the source" that is the people who are talking about these firms, ETG, Bright, Echo, Leiber etc might not know. They either left a long time ago or have an ax. Just consider the source. Like Andrasnm talking about ETG when he left more than 6 years ago, and those sort of things.
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    so what you're saying is because they have what may be a better deal RIGHT now we shouldn't consider how they did business in the past. we understand you had a much better deal than past please just humor the rest of us that weren't so fortunate to get etg's "golden egg" deal. i was lied to, manipulated, and threatened while i made that company thousands of dollars. just curious....did you pay a $2000/month desk fee, $38 ticket charges, and $250 a day bullets while you were a beginner?
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  3. You sound like a bitter man. I assume when you refer to a $2000 a month fee you are somehow grossing it up. I paid a 1000 per month fee. I paid 19 per side in ticket charges per day. They average priced them so I only had one ticket per side per stock per day. The bullet charges were a function of how many you did. I rarely did any. Why waste my money if i could get short naturally. Most good traders can you know. When I lef my deal was essentially the same. My $19 ticket charge plus $0.008/share had me clearing at about a penny a share when I left. Isn't that what Bright charges? Are people lower? ETG gave me an opportunity out of school that no one at the time was offering. I am grateful for it. I have since moved on. Was it a mistake for you to have signed a contract (did you?)? Sounds like it was. A gentleman honors his word my father said. Did you look at other deals before you started? If not why? If so and you chose ETG, why so bitter. The guy from ETG I interviewed with actually gave me the name of some competitors and suggested I meet them first before signing up. Were you in the NY office? Each office I hear is different in atmosphere. For your sake, I hope you get over your bitterness and focus your mental energy on trading and making a lot of money for yourself wherever you are now. I did. Good luck. Forget ETG.
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  4. Yes I admit I have no say in ETG since I have left 6 years ago and it has changed dramatically since. This seems to be you only focus, contribution and issue on this board.Obviously you are craving attention and I was standing in your way. Now I'm handing this imaginary key over to you.
    you are the official ETG expert !!!
    Now will this make you happy ? Will you leave me the hell alone ?
    As for personal attacks - I don't appreciate - saying that I don't
    trade anymore and I am a consultant (yes I admit)- it hurts !! But coming from you, hell, it may as well be a complement !!!
    What I do is no business of yours !!! I let you in on a secret I think secretly you only wish you had a skill like mine and get $65 per hour in CA where we are in technology depression ! Obviously you are a business graduate and no one would hire you except Prop firms like Kanter ! When you lose all your money
    from trading maybe Burger King will have a chance to look at you ! Don't worry we will keep your ETG Master title !!!

    You have missed the point over 8 thread pages !!! You have had
    nothing of value to say except about ETG this and ETG that.
    No one cares about ETG in depth here, but don't let that stop you
    as now you are the (ETG) man !!!
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  5. For the last time, I am not defending ETG nor am I an expert on ETG. That is my point. Neither are you. $65 bucks an hour. Wish I had that dead end job. Instead, like a real man, I risk MY OWN money and trade for a living. Hmm. If I missed the point of the thread, aren't you missing the point of the boards. A place for traders to discuss trading issues. Consultant or trader? Sir, I agree to end this rediculous line of discussion. I will save my energy for trading and not waste it on you. Good luck getting back into trading one day. You will be great at it. Why did you get out in the first place?

    Profitable trading...
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    How much do you make per hour? This whole thread seems to be a big dick swinging contest. I learned a lot about ETG on this thread and I'm glad I read it. But I don't think all these personal attacks contribute anything to this board. Sixty five bucks an hour gives you a six figure salary with less risk than prop trading. That's a good living. If you're a big time prop trader, great! Post up your salary. But what the hell does that prove? There are world class traders on this board (Tony Oz, Don Bright) who don't talk shit. They actually contribute and help other traders!
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  7. I have been involved in the markets since 1986. The secret of
    my longevity is my lack of "hung-ups" as trading for the living
    or trading full time. If I traded full time it would be the same
    "dead end" job as any. It's a job, isn't it. I think I contributed
    plenty to this board as I have real life trading experience in stocks
    and commodities. As I said to an earlier "baiter" I ended full time
    trading as it's more of a hung up on the "full-time" than the
    real question - do you make money ? Having 50K to risk is not enough to trade full time and afford the lifestyle I am accustomed to !!! Prop trading firms can alleviate the problem but they
    come with a price tag attached as you perhaps know yourself.

    I wager to say that most "full time" traders don't make money - which should be the qualifier i.e. litmus test for a professional. Do you ? If the answer is yes, please post this years broker statements or else none will take you seriously. I suspect you have a big mouth and a big ego but nothing more of a substance !!!!
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    do me a favor and don't respond to any of my post again and i will return the favor.
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  9. If possible I'd like to ask a relatively easy question that does not require great debate and mudslinging:

    Once you are profitable at ETG, do you have to build up a certain amount of capital before you get a check? I ask because I have read of firms where you don't get paid until you've built a 25K cushion.

    Since the previous relatively useless name-calling posts got such great responses, I'd really appreciate a response to my question (especially from newatthis, who seems to be the most recent ETGer).
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  10. The answer I was told and my experience attests to is that they let you draw your money. They will limit the risk you can take if you leave no money up there, but that makes intrinsic sense.

    Mr. Roberts and Mr. Andrasnm I agree to never respond to one of your posts again. It is and shall be a waste. Good luck.
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