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  1. I read Andrasnm reply. First, what do you mean Kanter quit? He is as active as ever. Or was when I left a month ago or so. I still am confused as to when the last time you looked at the tapes or have been associated with ETG. Your info is real old. Do you trade now? You seem to have indicated elsewhere that you are a consultant. So, you don't trade, you just tell everyone else what is and isn't? Seems to me if you were good at trading you wouldn't need this consulting profession, you would trade for a living. Maybe that is too simple. Do you trade? Your own money or sucking off someone else? Full time? I am amazed that you spend so much time on these boards when you aren't even involved. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that ETG is the best thing out there. They do a very good job and are by far the most professional firm in this industry. They are on the higher side of costs, but not unreasonable. The tapes give you good solid principles to base your trading on. They are not a system if you are looking for "THE ANSWER."
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    This is your justification for ETG having such a bad payout and such high expenses? "They [ETG] will always try to make the risk shared so that the trader makes good economic decisions."

    Shared risk?? You kill me. It's called sightless greed son. Wake up and smell the money.
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  3. He quit active trading to focus more on "running a business"
    i.e. fleecing naive wanna bees.
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  4. I second that GHJ. Where is the value added for the 30-80% of your P&L that you have to cough up to uncle Bobbie.
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  5. I am not defending ETG. I am saying that the people responding don't know what they are talking about. If you are there, then comment. A guy like 'Andrasnm' left over 6 years ago. He is not even trading now. He just tells everyone what is or isn't without any risk to himself. That is the problem with these type of Boards. Bright had the same problem. Everyone looking to rip him in his thread. His deal is what it is. ETG's too. If you don't like them don't take them. But don't spread things that aren't true. It is not right. "GHJ" and "JohnDavis" speak from ignorance. ALL ETG traders recieve 75-85% of their production. GHJ, what risk does the trader have if he doesn't leave money up? Should the trader have risk? Maybe it was just me, and it is why I left to become a true customer with my own money, but I will take all my risk, because I am a winner. I don't expect to lose. Those who think they might lose are the ones who want to take no risk. A good trader doesn't fear proper risk.

    I agree, ETG's rates are higher. Others have a higher payout. So what. Don't take their deal.
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  6. so have I !!! What makes you more qualified to comment on anything ? So you left ETG more recently, and this makes you an
    expert on ETG I presume ? Get real !!!
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    i think what people are trying to express is that there are much better firms that don't use unethical means to either "handcuff" traders or suck off all of their profits while they are trying to get started in the business. if you like etg then fine, but most of us are going to share our experience at this firm and if that is not favorable for etg then TOUGH. if they don't like it then maybe they should think twice before they screw over a new batch of beginners!!!!!! but grow up....this is a business, you reap what you sow. you have come onto this site and are starting off on the wrong foot. you are welcome to sing the praises of etg but when you blast others for legitimate concerns then expect to be blasted back.
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  8. GHJ


    You seem to be new at a lot of things--like engendering respect on message boards.

    You are also new to the facts. I know personally of people at ETG who make under 75% of their profits. You have posted a direct lie--and should garner no further acknowledgement on this site.
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  9. Again for those who did not read it the first time, I am not defending ETG. "Andrasnm" you still have not addressed the issue of your expertise having left ETG and the business many years ago. I would say leaving ETG less than 2 months ago certainly qualifies me as more of an expert than you. "GHJ" you have first hand knowledge or you heard it from a friend who heard it from a friend who...? As for what I think to be true, the only people who do not get allocated at least 75% of their profits are traders on a small salary. As far as I know that option has also been eliminated, but there are a few traders who are better off with the salary than 100% of their profits if you know what I mean. And ETG has not yet cut them off. Mr. Roberts, I am not looking to piss off anyone on these boards. Nor, however, am I looking to appease people. IF you can attack what I said based on fact go ahead. If you just don't like my message what y'all have been doing -- attack me. But, from an intelligent logical standpoint it makes no sense to attack the messenger rather than the message. Remember, I left ETG. I have no interest in defending them or spreading lies. I only tell it like I saw it. By the way, I am a little confused how a trader who puts up no capital, gets at least 75%+ payout is being taken advantage of. Again, as I said before, if you don't like the deal don't take it.
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    if etg has finally seen the light then great!!! i'm just pointing out what they were like a couple of years ago. obviously competition has forced them to compete to a certain degree. my criticism towards you was your attitude right out of the shoot. if it weren't for some of the people on this board standing up to etg a few years back you would have never gotten the deal you speak of. so how about a little gratitude?

    also, you say you trade with them as a customer....but you are no longer with them, sounds a little cozy to me. anyway, welcome to this site. i mean no antagonism towards you. i just would suggest that you get to know some of the traders here before you alienate them....and if you disagree with someone that is fine, just don't attack them!!!!! good luck!!!
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