Know any good forums for discussing stocks in Europe?

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  1. I've lately focused on EU stocks, mainly from France, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, UK, Switzerland, Germany and Nordics. What I really miss is finding some discussions on the stocks I trade - typically between 500m to 10 bn market cap. I wouldn't even care if it were in French or German, as I'd willingly succumb to Google Translate.
  2. If you are talking about trading, your won't improve so much even if you find some relevant forum eventually...I am afraid. The chart is and will be your best friend although there are also other factors that affect prices
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  4. Oh, I totally agree that the chart is my nearest, dearest friend - along with relative analysis within sector, peers etc. and of course the general market. But, with maybe 500-800 stocks to follow where most of the news are in unknown languages it is very easy to miss important bits of information - something coming up that's not a company event or anything else that could be relevant really. Before putting on or whilst holding a position I like to see if there is some chatter which can improve my understanding of the dynamics within the market of a stock.
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  5. This website is excellent for global stocks: A lot of detailed information is provided mainly by professional traders and hedge fund managers as to why they believe in each of their ideas and the research that they have carried out as well as target prices and time expected for their thesis to pan out.