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    It is high time we ban all knives. Knives are dangerous. And they kill. If people did not have access to all these knives we would not have people killing with them.

    If society was not so knife crazy this all could have been prevented. All you knife nuts out there, be prepared...we are coming for your knives.

    I can understand having a few knives around. But we really need to regulate the knife industry better. No more black knives. Or knives longer than 1 inch. Anything longer than 1 inch or colored black will now be known as "assault knives". Lets get this legislation rolling.

    Who is with me! :D
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    How 'bout swift and severe punishment for those who commit crimes with knives or guns?
    My guess is that would be a great deterrent for knife and gun crimes.
  4. back when i was a kid, this thing was the coolest thing you could ever have. i was pretty sure i could survive in the wilderness forever without any problems.. :p

  5. Its China dude they usually are swift and severe.
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    No, that makes entirely too much sense. The only viable alternative are more knife regulations.
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    Clearly an assault knife. Ban them and that will fix the problem.
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    What's the murder rate as compared with the USA?
  9. Again its China so they could have a zombie Apocalypse and all would be well in the harmonious middle kingdom according the National Bureau of Statistics of China.
  10. Actually, assault knives, such as the switch blade and the butterfly, ARE banned.

    Nice try tho.:)
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