Knighthood for Rushdie revives death threats

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    [As an aside, how many of the flag burners, along with those chanting for Rushdie to be killed, do you think actually read or even saw the book for which they have condemned him and now wish to commit violence on an international scale on that basis?]

    They can read?
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  2. Nope, they are the only ones who have been doing it lately. And Islamic governments are the only governments that have been issuing fatwas lately, and the muslim street is the only street that has been supporting those fatwas and those murders lately.
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  3. Unfortunately, what you are saying rings true. I just wish that the demonstrating masses would exhibit a similar amount of outrage at the atrocities that are being committed in the name of their religion. I know that these demonstrating masses don't represent all Muslims, but they still scare the hell out of me.
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  4. Not long ago in the history of mankind, Americans were killing Americans in the civil war. Americans slaughtered Native Americans. Europeans killed each other for centuries.

    Not too long ago, the Irish killed each other.

    Russians killed russians, etc.

    There is a history of people killing their own...

    So, it is not as if every country doesn't have a past they are trying to ignore.

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    Battle cry of radical islam's mouthpiece.
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    The folks that picked him are surprised at the reaction:

    Let's see, which group was it that burned embassies and killed people over a handful of cartoons, the "worst" of which was faked by a member of their religion? The spiritual leader of which religion issued a death sentence for this guy for the crime of writing a book? Oh, but we bet they'll be rational when we knight the guy. No problems there. Everybody says they really are a religion of peace. Please back that tanker truck of Koolaid up to the back door.

    I have no idea if he should be knighted or not, don't know anything about how one merits knighthood. But to claim surprise when the "peaceful" mooselimbs go apeshit is to say one doesn't know squat about world events.
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  7. The brits can be very "diplomatic".
    (ie, deny knowledge, downplay actuality, lie with a straight face)

    Mind you, i saw a quote from some peaceful islamic nation, where a writer described the queen as a "stuffy old crone" or similiar. Thought that was chutzpah, but funny regardless.

    Uh, before demanding an apology and the overturning of a sovereign nation's domestic, traditional honours due to the "greivious insult" to muslims.

    Satanic verses was a great book, btw-a very moderate appraisal of islam , all things considered. Had the title been different, nobody would ever have heard of him.

    I dont know anyone who has read any of his other books....i know i sure havent.
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    I bet that's what happened. No way could this have been a surprise.
    I've heard from several folks who have started one of his books and couldn't finish. The only reason he's so famous is because the idiots rioted and issued death decrees. If they had just ignored it like civilized people, very few would have ever heard of him or his books.
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  9. So muslims have only themselves to blame for his Knighthood. How wonderfully ironic.

    Nevertheless, we musn't lose sight of the basic point, which is that modern islam is totally inconsistent with our values of tolerance, religious pluralism and freedom of thought and expression.
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  10. What an idiot statement:

    "modern islam is totally inconsistent with our values of tolerance, religious pluralism and freedom of thought and expression."

    So the Muslims living and working in America, you know the majority of Muslims in America, who have assimilated into the American culture yet still practice Islam are practicing the old Islam?

    AAA is an example of what happens to the brain when someone listens to too much Rush Fatass...

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