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  1. Knight purchased Penson last year.

    Can traders who trade through Knight comments on the service, technology and fees received at Knight Futures.

    Thank you
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    My firm, that I can't discuss here, Introduces to Knight Futures. I think they are great. We have other relationships but they are my first choice as an FCM.

  3. Thanks 1245.

    Could you at least share publicly why you consider them your first choice FCM?

    You consider them first choice - compared to what FCMs?
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    They offer co-location sites at two locations including 350 Cermak (CME L-NET) and Aurora Il (CME G-NET). Aurora Il is the fastest link to the CME.

    They have a good choice of platforms:

    Our representative there is very attentive and accessible.

    They are well capitalized and well run. See attachment line 61.
  5. Thanks 1245.
  6. They have been highly regarded in the equity world for many years and, baring that one huge software glitch, are a very well run firm. I have no direct experience with there futures side.
  7. I have been using them for more than 10 years when they where GHCO. Extremely Professional