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  1. I will start this journal to record my reversal trades in S&P emini. I have 4 trading rules serving as mnemonics based on Sun Tzu's Art of War:

    The Yin aspect:
    1- Stop trading after 3 losing trades.

    The Yang aspect:
    2- Intraday timing (Heaven) - I trade reversals in the morning.
    3- S/R entry (Earth) - I use S/R to create tight stops and favorable risk/reward trades.
    4- Confluence (Man) - I use multiple time frames and momentum divergence etc. as confirmations to increase my edge.

    I'll try to reply posts in the afternoon.

  2. Good luck. I never mastered the technique.

  3. omfg! :D
  4. I don’t see how anyone can make a living trading the ES following the trend! I have back tested many strategies and the only ones that make consistent money with good risk to reward are picking tops and bottoms! In back testing I am looking at 1 year of intraday tick data. The opposite applies for stocks! There the trend is your friend!
  5. Sold 1322
  6. Buy 1320 +2 pt
  7. Short 1311.50
  8. Hi,
    I expect this to become a trendday, I´m short the ym, stop BE and will not look at this screen till MOC, we saw a lot of distribution, the bigs absorbed any longs, Fake Breakout over highs, TRIN is in ugly area, premium high, i expect a ugly selloff after all this one-day-wonder-reversals.

  9. Buy 1309 +2.5 pt

    Total 4.5 pt done for the day
  10. I always have trouble trading big move so I leave the trend to the experts.
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