KNDI(+$8) $17.20 at 1:41 AM PST, which brokerages trade this early?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by JesseJamesFinn1, Jul 30, 2020 at 4:44 AM.

  1. What brokers allow trading at super early trading like these active stocks? I can't sleep because my medication causes insomnia. I am thinking of teaching my eleven year old how to trade since he likes staying up till 4 AM. The competition is sloppy as long as your position size is correct.
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  2. Light volume, a solid trader could have made $4 trading against these low volume cowboys and cowgirls.
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    IBKR does.

    but don't get fooled by KNDI and others.
    when looking at it in hindsight, it may look very easy.
    But for each runner there are also some dumpers...

    So you may be in for a run or the fool who bought at the top.

    KNDI and Kodak where extraordinary
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  5. Robert Morse

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    We do on Nasdaq and ARCA.
  6. Thank you, I did not know IBKR allowed trading this early, appreciate your help so quick!

  7. Thank you, does LightSpeed help with data fees and have a stock screener and option scanner(LiveVol) if traders generate a good amount of commission? Robert, you a light sleeper too?
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    We do not pay market data for clients on our active trader software. Web/Mobile is free to non-pro users but you can't trade at 4 am on that one and it is not meant for active traders. The LiveVolX software is also free to use for clients that custody at IB, but that software is very option centric so 4 am trading would have to be on TWS, which will require a market data feed from IB. A light sleeper, no. Over time I have started to go to sleep earlier and wake up early. I typically start my day at 4:30am ET.
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    Instead of premarket and after market trading they should eliminate it all together and open the fu$king markets 24 hours a day. Its all electronic and everyone works from home so do us a favor, get rid of the 6.5 hour trading day, this isn't 1947 or 1974 its 2020. Thats one thing I have to appreciate about cryptocurrencies is that they trade 24/7. Maybe it's time wallstreet takes a page out of their book and keeps the market open 24/7. Remember money doesn't sleep and never will..... so why the fu×k should wallstreet!!!!
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    If you had been scanning for stocks at new highs you should have investigated this stock yesterday when the market was open. You don’t have to worry about extended hours then.