KMA, will give you 50% in 2 months!

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  1. qll


    For those who followed my picks on ACY, LNY and CBRX know my picks give you GREAT returns FAST

    KMA is the next star, for those reasons

    1, oversold

    2 under book value

    3 profitable

    4 buyers are fighting shares.

    5, take a look at the chart, lows are getting higher, and highs are getting highers at a fast rate. compare the chart with CBRX and LNX, you will find they look very similar: First, big drop, then holds well at bottom, then lows and highs both getting highers, then suddenly the speed accelates.

    Good luck. I think this under $5 stock will be around $7-$8 easily, a little bit below pre drop.

    Read the what they disccussed on yahoo board to know why it dropped and why it will bounce back.
  2. Why don't you start a journal so you don't have to start 12 new threads everyday?
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    Another one of those "xxx stock's gonna EXPLODE!!!" spam messages.
  4. Hey man, you are beginning to sound like a yahoo message board pumper.

    Like what Longhorn suggested, why not start your own thread.

  5. qll


    most of the stocks are unlated and they come and go quickly. i don't have enough money to pump and dump those stocks.

    but i do research on yahoo boards to read those who followed the stock for long time to know some insight. if they can not find a hole in the company, it must be very safe.

    so far, so good. i have been right most of the time.
  6. You should start a journal to document your spectacular success.
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    Just borrow another 500K from your credit cards
  8. qll


    tk44_2000 claimed to be an investor who almost bought the company as a whole, so he should know the company a lot of better than the rest. he seems to be still around, so very likely he will contact the company to give an offer again!

    This case is very similar to LNX. Look what LNX was doing? up 80% in 2 months after the big drop.
  9. qll


    Retesting the low range at 4.5. It was testing 4.5 for 3 days before went up to $5. It seems $5 is the recent resistance. In its Q1 earning CC, CEO will discuss how to deal with the A.M. Best rating.

    It is very same to enter at this 4.5-4.6 level and to see if it will break $5 and stay above $5.

    Price target $7-$8. Very safe here. No more bad news will come from now on.
  10. qll


    KMA is up more than 6% after earning release.
    KMA is for sale!. Sooner or later this company will be bought by a bigger rival. And you will see 30-40% jump in its share price.

    KMG Considering Alternatives, Sale
    Monday May 7, 9:53 am ET
    KMG Says It Is Considering Strategic Options, Including Sale, Reports 1Q Loss on Charges

    MINNEAPOLIS (AP) -- KMG America Corp., a holding company formed to acquire regional insurance company Kanawha Insurance, said Monday it retained Keefe, Bruyette & Woods to explore strategic alternatives, including a possible sale.
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