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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by marzman, Dec 3, 2009.

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    I posted previously if anybody knew anything about KM Capital ..they're website is ...I'm seriously thinking of joining ..just seeing if anybody else uses them or knows about them ??? Thanks . Robert
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    Yeh, apparently so ..I asked them about training and they said that they stopped offering classes and theyre more focused on the platform and execution..but that they do still interact with traders during the day .. .. I guess they have some deal worked out with t3 ?? I'm not really looking for that much training so didnt get too deep into that aspect.
  3. Hey, Robert, I joined up with them about a month ago. So far things are going pretty well, had no problems..

  4. Both 3 posts , 1 registered 12 november the other 25
    Are you sure you are not talking to yourself ?
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    Pure Truth - I joined last week , I dont know the other guy , if there is some way to check ISP's , I'm sure you would see that . I found out about them through a friend who met one of the owners on a trip to Philly. In fact, I have been trading retail and this message board and the whole concept of higher leverage is new to me. I actually googled prop shops after I heard about KM and found Elite Trader lol.

    TraderJK - can you private message me about them or write about details here ?? Do you trade at their offices or remote ?


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    sooo...joined this forum specifically to bump this thread. i've been in contact with this firm for about a month, considering allocating trading capital or "performance deposit," but haven't committed yet as i've been trying to do my dd.

    if anyone on this board knows anything about km cap, can you please reply here or send me a pm? thanks!
  7. what are there locations?
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    Niteflite - The offices are in Philadelphia , PA and apparently a trading floor in New Jersey as well -

    Terrapin - I will send you a PM
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    thanks marzman, i appreciate any info you have.
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