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    Imagine you live in a highly corrupt nation, Kleptostan.

    You just won the lottery and now your banker, broker, neighbors, family, mayor, governor, "fraternity", "church", the mafia, the military, and spies from every country on earth have decided that you are good (not bad like them), that you should be sacrificed, and your money liberated from you.

    How do you survive and keep your money when every person you know, including the ones you pay, acts like a foaming at the mouth cannibal drug addict?
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    You mean, like the Russian oligarchs?
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    We've had a decade or so of Walking Dead and copy series and movies symbolizing the plight of an elite surrounded by masses of sub humans looking to suck their blood and life away. Ironically, in the shows those surviving are the good guys while in real life we're the walking dead.
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    learn to deep dive into the tunnels from your toilet.

    Then escape via airplane to a western country.
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    Wowsie, what a story! Where is the TV movie about her? 3, 6, 12 million in bonds payments, that IS love!

    She really needs a classier boyfriend...
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    By transferring the money into crypto and move your WHOLE family to a Western country. And stay low for a while... Don't buy, just rent...