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  1. Anyone know of this outfit in/around West Palm Beach/Boca in Florida??

    Anyone know if they're a sound firm? People happy there? People make much money there?? Good/bad reputation?? Typical run off the mill BS firm?? All information on this outfit would be appreciated.

  2. They called me on the phone. The guy who I spoke with at this firm was less than honest. He gave me some big sales talk about "them brining me down for a visit to the firm" - Then, he told me to pay for the visit after a half hour later of conversation. That's my honest opinion. When something starts off like that it sets a bad starting point.

    My opinion: Typical day trading BS firm.
  3. Well...I work for a B/D in San Francisco..and KL Financial was the real deal trading operation as of last year, now this is rumor, but from a fairly reliable source, a friend of mine who interviewed at that firm and now trades with me. He said they broke up their new traders in to trading groups (literally configured in circles with al manager in the center watching and training his own group) each "pod" specialized in a specific instrument or area of trading i.e. bond traders, equity traders (many pods in this group) and options etc...they ran mad money through that place.

    Within the last year the rumor is they closed the SF office and merged with the LA operation as a lot of their investors and funding sources are Asian money sources and wanted to be in Los Angeles and consolidate operations. ""IF"" we are talking about the same "KL Financial" they were/are the real deal and they have very high standards for who they hire and your background must be stellar to get on board....my friend is an excellent trader and has a massive "quant" background and also programs his own trading systems, he was not chosen to trade with them.

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  4. Same answer to the same question. "Check the balance sheets, learn who the real ownership is, check with the regulatory agency." There is nothing as simple as that...asking on ET is fine for getting "opinions"....but no one should risk capital/time/energy with any firm that they knoiw nothing about.

    Good Luck!!

  5. Yeah was the B/D in San Fransisco under the name of Shorland Trading LLC?? I've heard these two firms/entitys were linked/associated in some way? Anyone confirm this??

    I will check them out with the authorities as much as I can.
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    Was anyone successful at finding information on KL Financial Group? Im wondering if this company is legit?
  7. Oh They're legit alright, I spoke to someone there about an interview, but because of personal circumstances can't make it there just as yet. But I still haven't got any meaty info on them.
  8. They may be legit but from what I hear, they are no better than just an average day trading firm. Nothing special at all.

    Like I said, they were not upfront with me. The day trading firm with the most integirty is Hold brothers. No question about this at all.
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