KL Financial Group/Shoreland Trading LLC

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by barracuda, Apr 26, 2004.

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    Anyone familiar with these guys and their operations? (Located in Irvine, CA and South Florida)
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    Yeah. I believe they're a prop operation and run some hedge funds. Pretty top notch trading shop from what I heard from other traders in southern california.
  3. Yes they had an office in San Francisco that recentlly closed. I was told this by a person that actually had interviewed at the SF office.

    They had an excellent reputation here in SF while they were here.

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  4. I spoke with them and they told me that they are moving from Palm Beach to Boca. Phone # is on the website, klfinancialgroup.com. I'm hoping they have hedge fund openings to discuss.
  5. A friend of mine said KL Financial called to see if he wanted to trade with them. He said they sounded like a typical shop trying to BS him into coming to trade with them.

    They told him at the beginning of the call: "lets talk over the phone and if it goes well, we'll have you come down to visit"

    At the end of the call, the guy said "Ok, I think we should meet, when can you come down?" My friend apparantly said, tell me when and I'll work around it. The guy said "Ok, how about next week" My friend agreed and the guy said, "Ok, get your ticket and come down"

    My friend called me and laughed. The guy talked to my buddy for over a half hour making it sound like they were going to fly him down there if their talk went well (on my firends dime all the way to Florida) and the guy comes out and says "Ok, get your ticket"

    Makes you wonder if they trade with the same integrity?????

    Enough said!!!!
  6. What was the position for? Prop Trader or Hedge Fund trader? I'd be interested if it was a salaried position.