KKD- Yummy donuts

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  1. Highly spec. play. This baby just cut cut in half and closed yesterday at new lows around $3.25. I like the blood in the water on it for a dead cat bounce to the upside.
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    yeah. im going to load up on KKD. it has been flat today. its almost half of what it was a few days ago before the earnings. time to load up on it. again on a short term techincal basis, it is does for some upside now.

    what about pumpanddumper? are you thinking of buying a ton of doughnuts.
  3. How the hell can anyone lose so much money selling donuts, especially ones as yummy at Krispy Kreme's??? It boggles the mind
  4. LoDR is in-play. I bet this is going to be a good call. You've got to be thinking of covering if short.
  5. Those donuts probably have everyone of the top 10 killers inside them minus car crashes in order to lower costs. No thanks, I love a good donut but fast food donuts, bleh.
  6. I would go long with a $3.25 stop loss.
  7. krispy kreme makes the best donuts ever
  8. I just got out of the donut and ice cream business. Input cost's, cog and min wage are going to create a wasteland across the food bus, fast to upscale. The only upside was the real estate. That game is over too. There will be plenty of vacant Starbuck's in about 2 years.

  9. Amen to that, brother.

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    "Liquidity pressures are key to downgrade. Although there's enough cash to handle the $5 million covenants triggered in the fiscal third quarter, they become more onerous in the fourth quarter and beyond. We are lowering our estimated fiscal 2008 adjusted earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization to $24 million from $45 million and removing our price target of $11. We believe it's too early and risky to be value hunting."
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