Kiva: P2p Micro-lending

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  1. KIVA.ORG (pronounced as keeva) is a nonprofit microfinance organization based in California.

    Anyone can support a micro-business in 12 countries in East Africa and even Bulgaria. With as little as $25, the money is loaned to the business at 0% interest and repayed in 6-12 months.

    Individual lenders have a one-to-one relationship with the particular business with progress reports. Money goes directly to the people with no middle man. Pay Pal is processing the loans free of charge.

    I haven't read much about it so far. First heard about it last night on PBS's Frontline/World. 100% loan repayment, although it's only their 1st year.

    And Grameen bank is charging 20% interest for microloans.
  2. Ever since Carmeen bank was awarded the Nobel price, I have been expecting micro-lending to come to Main Street. However, there are some dirty secrets to micro-lending, see here for more discussion

    If you have $20 to spare, give it to a charity and get some tax credit.
  3. What have you read about Why would you think it's run the same way as Grameen Bank? What research have you done? Are you expecting to be just like Grameen? There are 10,000 microlender businesses and organizations around the world, but they are not all run the same way.

    The website has apparently been swamped and is down. I have not read anything yet from the website.

    From what I have read so far, is not run by thugs like Grameen bank. The lenders nor anyone at Kiva are making any money from this. There are also no government nor aid loans nor does there appear to be government nor UN involvement. There's no chanting nor praising of Yunus of Grameen Bank.

    These loans are personal loans. They are person to person at 0% interest. You select the business that you want to loan money to. As an individual lender said, if you are not repaid, just consider it a gift.
  4. I am sure that there are a few honest micro-lenders, just not sure which one. On the other hand, I know quite a few reputable charities with a long history of helping the poor.

    I can go to their web site
    the donation button is working but anything else is not.

    Why are you so angry, by the way?
  5. Sorry. Not angry. I've been sicker than a dog for 12 years. Just reading and writing is a borderline nightmare to accomplish.

    I'm sure there is some catch to Kiva of some sort. If not now, probably in the future when they become successful. Someone will find a way to corrupt it.

    Would be nice to help these people improve their standard of living without their parasitic governments and other thugs interfering. Just giving money apparently hasn't stopped the need of more money. Loans to individuals brings about responsibility and self-improvement for the long term.
  6. Sorry to hear that you are sick. I'll check kiva when the site goes up.