Kissinger Wants U.S. Ground War In Libya, WOW

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    From AMT4SWA's favorite website:

    According to Bilderberg journalist Jim Tucker, “Kissinger, visibly depressed, gave a rationale for the war on Libya that the Trilateral Commission and its brother group, Bilderberg, want to keep rolling, according to an inside source who has proved reliable for years. Both groups want the war (in Libya) extended through 2012 to generate turmoil throughout the Middle East and pressure the United States into attacking Iran on behalf of Israel. Which would also produce huge war profits.”

    With President Obama keen to oversee more “mission creep” in Libya, by sending unmanned drones to intensify the air bombardment, Kissinger made it clear that the ultimate intention was to do what Obama specifically promised would never happen, a US ground invasion.
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    Kissinger reminds me of Mccain the two have never seen a war they didnt like, and they are both to stupid to realise that these wars are bankrupting us.