Discussion in 'Politics' started by kissanmakeup, Apr 12, 2006.

who is kissanmakeup

  1. kissanmakeup=wael

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  2. kissanmakeup=kingkobra

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  3. kingkobra=wael

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  4. kissanmakeup=kingkobra=wael

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  1. :D :D
  2. I vote
  3. kissandmakeup=total loser
  4. kissamakeup= racist against racists

    longhorn= klansboy=racist
  5. Wael and Kissandmakeup are, were complete zeroes

    And kissandmakeup, by its own admission, is a Wael wannabe
  6. i should start another poll to find out the % of klansmen losers.
  7. Considering the paltry turnout for this poll (only 10 votes), I think it's safe to say that no one gives a shit about you or your stupid polls.
  8. i know. people hate when someone uses a mirror to show them their ugly faces.
    bunch of raciest pigs.
    live with it klansmen, you are an ugly bunch from the inside out.