kirk kirkorian has lost over 10 billion-close to a margin call

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by dsq, Oct 21, 2008.

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    cnbc was saying he lost 700mil on ford alone then huge losses on gm and mgm i beleive.They also say tracinda may have been close to getting a margin call but he put up mgm shares as collateral.Anyway something like this...They said his losses may be something like 12billion so far...Didnt know the guy had 12bil.
  2. all these billionaires are overlevered
  3. The smart ones put their money aside or are hedged safely. There are always a few boneheads who carelessly play in unknown trading territory, whether billionaires or ET posters!
  4. On my way to the bathroom I passed Kirk's desk and noticed a memo that said "Call Cramer about F"
  5. I said when he did that ridiculous F trade that he had snapped.

    Guaranteed Alzheimers.

    His heirs are probably working on getting him declared shortly

    When asked how he felt about losing billions for no reason he said "Easy come easy go"
  6. Kirk beamed up.

    He said "I lived one year too long"

    I was right again, senile.
  8. Any billionare still long on American Auto makers deserves to lose all his money.