Kirk and F, senile?

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  1. So this dude just threw 40 million away buying F at 8.50, when he could have bought all he wanted under 7.

    Is this what happens when you get old?
  2. Icahn and Kerkorian can team up and would definitely have the worst hedge fund ever conceived.

    Good thing they made as much money as they did, when they did, so that they can piss a whole lot away, and still afford the finer things.

    *Ever since Kerkorian made a killing after buying Chrysler stock at $3/share in 1980, when Chrysler brought in Iaccoca (who is the real reason Chrysler survived), he's been a little bit nostalgic and seems like he really wants to duplicate that massive wealth-building grand slam in terrible waters such as the auto sector. Newsflash - It's a different day, and a different era, Mr. Kerkorian.
  3. Let me know when either of you guys have $40mm. In the meantime, Kirkorian is worth $16Billion+......$40mm is pocket change to him.

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    There's your answer SellLoByHi.

    Just in case you don't know kid, these two are real moneymakers.

    Plenty of money made following these two!

    I been following Kirk since he began, he likes seeing everyone making money.


    trade well

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    By the way stock777 , Kirk was selling at 8-8.50.

    First you pump then dump! (remember)

    Remember when he was pumping.

    trade well/stay well

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    Steve Wynn of Wynn resorts comes to mind.

    Here's a dude who doesn't like anyone making money.

    trade well

  7. Hmmm ,1 billion shares tendered.

    Don't spend your 2% allocation all in one place.
  8. He bought 100 million shares before the tender at 6.91. So why do you think he would offer 8.50 for a mere 20 million more? Quite obvious isn't it?
  9. No. When he made the offer the stock was quite a bit higher than $6.

    Whatever purpose was served, all he did was put 40 million into the pockets of existing holders,taken from his own purse.

    He went out of his was to cancel an 'out' that he had if the stock fell 10%,

    If you have some brilliant theory why he needed to do this, let's hear it.
  10. He made his $ before he went senile.

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