Kiran Chetry switches to CNN from Fox

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  2. Oh yeah. Kiran has been one of my (very few) all-time favorite newsbabes, pretty much since she came on FNC 6 years ago. (An exclusive and now closed club, ever since I gave up most television in Oct. 2003.) She is the total package... beauty and brains -- and Personality and voice and legs... Can't believe she married, what, some weatherman dude from the set. Ha... not even funny.

    Don't know about the role that Bush comment played in all this. Maybe she just felt it was time for a change -- hey, 6 years is a very long time in one place, in the, um, cut-throat cable news biz.

    But if it was really a contract dispute, I'd have to say that Murdoch and Co. just shot themselves in the foot, while delivering what is sure to be a ratings jolt to their arch-competitor's lagging weekday morning lineup.

    Amazingly, her Wikipedia page had already been updated this morning, while she was probably still sittin' up on her CNN stool... Don't any of those Wiki contributing folks have a life away from the keyboard, for crying out loud?

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  3. she knows that fnc' rating has topped. the gop is finished as well esp in the next presidential election.
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