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  1. By banning him you're only making him stronger each time.

    Kin's way would be to stop banning his accounts and let it be a well known fact who he is. Users will naturally stop feeding the troll and others will add him to their ignore list.

    Eventually his threads and posts will get minimal replies, he'll get so frustrated and bored that he'll finally go away.

    Give him no attention and he will cease to exist. All these threads only feed to his ego, making him stronger.
  2. The Kin


    We are in the process of doing something similar to what you suggest.

    In the next few days we will be communicating with all ET members asking them to join us. If you would like to join our effort simply put him on ignore now and do not reply to him for any reason. If you see what you think is a new alias please let us know by posting it to the Trader28 informational Thread. We have a way of verifying them.

    I think I can speak for the others and say we appreciate your help

  3. Gamete

    You have asked an important question

    "What am I doing here?"

    I will give you a serious that you may appreciate

    I learned a long time ago that our lives are brief, that they can end at any time, either because of serious illness, accident or simply the events of life can overtake us.

    I came to the conclusion that one has to do things that are important, for reasons other than money. Because when it is all over, and enough time passes, we are forgotten forever and unless we did something that was meaningful to us, it is like we never existed.

    Now, I don't expect you to understand. I don't expect anyone to understand. But what I understand is that when I go to bed tonight, I may not wake up. And so today, the things I chose to do have to be important to ME. That is why I offered to help a trader in Rowshan's thread today. That is why I took my family out to dinner tonight. That is why I gave an indigent man on the side of the street some money. Not because I want to be a "good" guy, but because I want to go forward knowing that whatever happens, I did the best I could every day.

    There you go. You want to make fun of me...go for it...I don't care.

    Thats what I have to say. I won't say any more to you or anyone else here about this again.

  4. Don't be fooled into thinking Steve is taking the high moral ground here.. he is squirming and squealing because it resurfaced that he FAKED DEAD RELATIVES IN THE 911 TRAGEDY FOR SYMPATHY and he wants to shut everyone up that highlights his hypocrisy and degeneracy.. he is a disgusting and pathetic scumbag
  5. Despite popular opinion, here's why I DO NOT hate T28:
    Look beyond his abrasive & repetitive methods for a moment, and understand his true motives and goals:
    <b>He sees fraud & deception, and is compelled to expose it!</b>

    Isn't that the exact same thing <i>I</i> do?
    I'll be the first to admit, I was impressed by the way T28 skewered Jack over his little B.S. Singapore story.

    Since I lack the patience to stay awake for the entire duration of a J.H. post, I never really knew what to make of the guy. But watching him stumble & squirm when asked a very simple question regarding his Singapore claim... that just told me all I needed to know- Courtesy of T28. Remember; Lies are like ants- Find just one, and you know there are thousands more lurking nearby.

    If you find T28's annoyingly repetitive exposé's of con-men to be any worse than Steve911's well-written cons, that would mean you <b>value style over substance</b>... and it's probably time to reconsider your priorities.

  6. Give me a break RM, you are taking the analogy too far.Don't forget that T28 is trolling entirely because his 'fraud' was exposed in the SPM thread and it wasn't just Hershey who went about it.Checkout that thread, it has clues to what T28 is doing these days.

    Also I dont see any connection between the curse laden T28 speech and yours and lets not forget the multiple posting of the same message throughout the forum. I do not 'HATE' T28 either but to see 'Jack Hershey and SCT' threads everywhere is pretty darn annoying.
  7. I myself have not read SPM (T28) thread nor have I read the info concerning steve's 911 relatives debate.

    The issue is that one side CAN NOT play the good guy and try to eliminate the other via a uniform ignore team effort while at the same time debating with others about it.

    Simply, only someone in between (neutral) that hasn't been involved in the debates, that hasn't posted instigating commentary to pssst off one side or the other...

    Only that someone can request a uniform ignore team effort against ALL SIDES...

    Not choosing a particular side only of the Jack Hershey & Gang versus Trader28 & Gang versus Steve46 & Gang mess.

    * All sides are guilty of posting the same repetitive messages over and over again.

    * All sides are guilty of posting taunting or instigating replies that encourages the other side to mudsling back.

    * All sides uses profanity lace messages at one time or another.

    In fact, the key participants has either been banned at least once or warned about being banned if they continue by at least one moderator and Baron himself.

    * All sides enter threads that has nothing to do with this big mudslinging eyesore and then throw in a few back stabbing commentaries to bait or attract the other side to show up and defend themselves.

    * All sides violates several areas of ET's TOU policy.

    Simply, this is not just my opinion...ET management also has seen the problem.


    Think about it carefully about the general facts I mentioned above.

    If you all still don't get it about this vicious cycle...

    Here's a simple analogy of chaos that will occur (has occurred) when the following happens:

    Bank Robbers announce they don't like the behavior of the Home Burglars, Home Burglars announce they don't like the behavior of the Car Thefts and the Car Thefts don't like the behavior of the Bank Robbers...

    Then when they get bored with each other a few days or leave each other alone for a few days...

    They spend their time going after the ET sponsors.

    It's crazy.

    Therefore, I have officially removed my name from the uniform ignore team effort against Trader28 due to the following facts...

    The other guys are still doing what they do (arguing, debating and repeating the same messages with others) here at ET and at other locations.

    Thus, for me to sit here and point a finger at one and not the other is saying the other has done nothing wrong.

    However, if the 3 amigos and their main gang members makes a public announcement via pledging to clean up their own behavior, promising not to talk about the other (directly or indirectly), promising not to violate ET's TOU policy along with a public apology to the ET community...

    In my opinion, that's when we will know that they truly want this crap to end.

    I won't hold my breath waiting for the above to occur.

    Without the pledge, promise and apology above...

    This will NEVER end and the uniform ignore team is just another clandestine method of mudslinging.

    Last of all, Baron and the moderators are at fault here for allowing this crap to go on for so many years when they could have put their foot up the butts of those involved when it all first started...

    Banning someone and then allowing them to return or warning them they will be banned and taking no action when they continue violating the TOU policy is the wrong message to send...

    In regards to the early stages of this mess.

    That's exactly what ET management did.


  8. Mark

    Frankly I don't have time nor the interest to have a long drawn out philosophical argument with you.

    We are acting to clean up the site.

    Good luck to you.

    To those who have decided to join us in this effort.

    Look at the results so far. Notice the absence of repetitive insulting comments from Trader28. None of the anti-jack threads are appearing on the home page....

    At least for the time being, this is working

    Thanks for your cooperation

    Please continue as before. No replies to Trader28 or any alias that we identify on the informational thread.

    I wish you all good luck in the markets

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    There are anti Jack threads everywhere, you've made a fool of yourself for nothing steve.. you are being attacked more than T28 :p
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