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Discussion in 'Trading' started by The Kin, Apr 25, 2008.

  1. Fuck the fucking Diaz brothers

    Fuck Hillary Clinton. She's the reincarnation of Hitler!

    Fuck the Euro for not pushing 1.7

    Fuck rice

    Fuck oil's recent pullback

    Fuck C

    Fuck Bernanke unless he cuts rates by .75% on April 30. (I'm short the dollar. Debase the currency baby..)

    Fuck the ETer formally known as SkAlPz

    Fuck Republicans for not nominating Ron Paul. You're all going to burn in eternal hell for this sin against humanity.

    Fuck Hillary

    Fuck the Fed and PPT. I made so much more money during the market panic a month back.

    Fuck 2Pac. Biggie was much better anyway

    Fuck Comcast

    Fuck Hillary
  2. nkhoi

    nkhoi Moderator

    the younger guy is ok, maybe fame hasn't got into his head yet.:D
  3. LOL Let it out...
  4. dinoman


    But, Ron Paul tells the truth so he is automatically out of contention!

    I love this country, for it is so easy to withdrawl from!

    Morals? Why should we care?
  5. OP that's how I feel 24 hr per day :D :D
  6. Ron Paul is a nutcase with horrible economic policies. The only way a nutcase can get media attention as a candidate is if he has a lot of money like Perot. It has nothing to do with bias.
  7. is it true what they say on the internet

    that you only act stupid ???????
  8. You need money or mass popularity to enter politics. Ron Paul had neither.
  9. dinoman


    Shut the f*ck up nutcase no one listens to you!

    I can't believe your dumbass takes the abuse you get everytime you open your mouth!

    Try and suck on a Hippo's nipple and fall sleep and never wake up doing us all a favor!
  10. dinoman


    You are wrong on money, but totally right on popularity for "HOPE" will save us all!

    Oh sheet I here woooooosh wooooosh woooooosh...
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