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Discussion in 'Journals' started by The Kin, Jun 25, 2008.

  1. Long oil at open. We'll see 140+ crude by Monday or Tuesday. Could be a decent spike over the weekend.

    136.84 5/24/08
  2. BTW this is not my entry point. I don't trade crude. I'm just testing something and wanted a record of it if proven correct.


    where would be the stop?
  4. bump. Again, not an actual trade. My hope is to make a series of these calls over the next month or so and see how accurate the method becomes. If the first 3 calls are proven wrong, I'll cease discussion in this thread.
  5. Mate sorry even this journal (or what ever it is )is a joke go get another job this game aint for you. My last comment I swear!!!
  6. Bogan, Leave me alone. Go away. I won't reply to your threads if you promise to do the same for mine.
  7. Mate I am trying to but reading your mornoic posts compels me to comment. Its like a drug!!

    This journal of yours is a prime example it has all the rigour of plasticine. If you really want to test if something is working you have to do a lot more than you state in your opening thread otherwise its completely useless and you have just wasted your time or more worrying you use its conclusions to trade real money though i doubt you trade. I will be leaving ET again after today so fear not I wont bother you again I realise after being away from this site how useless it is.