Kingston, Ontario

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  1. Somebody should open a trading office in Kingston, Ontario. They have one of the best universities in Canada. There is a very large community college. Recruiting people probably would not be a problem. If the Nanaimo can have multiple offices, Kingston should have one. Someone like Don bright should have a look.


  2. good fishing too.

    Recruit 'em out of Milhaven.
  3. my trading office is in kingston.. and by trading office i mean lay-z-boy and laptop. :D
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    If my wife and I weren't expecting a baby in 8 weeks I would have taken this as some sort of sign. lol

    Kingston is a great city IMHO. I grew up in Hamilton, but spent a few years there while attending Queen's. Do you trade currently Chris, or are you looking for an opportunity in Kingston?

    - matt
  5. Congrats on the little one!
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    Bright Trading would have setup shop in Toronto if they could be in Ontario. Kingston's a nice city, having grown up in Eastern Ontario myself, but i don't think there would be enough interest for a trading shop. Ottawa and Toronto still aren't that far away...