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    Initiating iwm short at 76.80 now $$
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    I am short Doug Kass since a few days ago.

    Short IWM 75 puts JAN. Initiated short put position for a credit of 2.48
    Short IWM 74 puts JAN. Initiated short put position for a credit of 1.40

    I did not initiate both positions at the same time.

    I have a synthetic short position on Doug Kass.

    I shorted the IWM 75 put at December 3
    I shorted the IWM 74 put at December 7

    Both contracts expire Jan 22 2011
  2. promagma


    Slow market ... looks like it will take forever to play out, either way.
  3. I wonder if Doug Kass is still short. he must be feeling some pain. checked my twitter. he did go double down today again as you see below.

    looks like he is doubling down.

    of course my synthetic short doug kass position is running up.

    DougKass Douglas Kass
    All in short the Russell index and iwm at 77 $$
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    Unfortunately when he doubled down on his shhort, he failed to monitor GE for its dividend announcement.

    when he went all in short, a while later GE announces a 14% dividend increase :)
  4. Doug Kass must be feeling the pain. Doubling down on a losing trade, IWM continuing to go up.