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  1. 4XIS4U


    I've read about these guys on Traders World magazine .. any good / bad experiences ?
  2. All bad do a "search" top right corner

    2nd biggest scam in the business ...imo
  3. tango29


    Speaking of ripoffs, whatever happened wththe lawsuit against traderbrad? I thought I saw an ad for his stuff, but for bonds now.
  4. Still in court ... we just had the pre trial hearing last Tueseday and date is set. :D
  5. nkhoi


    the way it move look like you could collect your award when you are already in a nursing home. :D
  6. With the cost of nursing homes nowdays, it could come in handy about then... :)
  7. WizeTrade must be #1?... :confused:
  8. LBTrader


    Has anyone taken the free trial for kingfishtraders?

    If he is making the correct calls "live" in his trading room how can this be a scam.


  9. nkhoi


    yet another 1 poster asking about KF, my guess is other death threads about KF are about to be resurrected.
  10. copa8


    Since he offers a free 1 week trial, you should give it a try and check out his service first-hand. i did and was out by the end of day 1.
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