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    Hello, I would like to give my opinion about the fingfish trading room. I am a former member of his room. He sucks people in by calling trades in both directions and then claims he scored 10 points. He now has changed his style of trading to include his bomb trade. this is a pivot trade that reverses 5 or 6 times before it moves in one direction. The 1 and 2 lot traders are losing there shirts. If you speak up and suggest that the trade is to risky he screams at you and says you dont now how to manage the trade.I paper traded it one day and managed it just like he said and I stopped counting at - 30 pts. He calls it the most powerfull trade on the Universe. He is in complete denial that it doesnt work, when it does finaly move 10 points he claims victory totaly ignoring that the trade actualy lost money. All the good traders in the room have moved on because he won't stop trading it. At one point he had a good thing going, members were making money and everybody was happy. He has reduced himself to just another scum bag screwing people out of $6k. I guess thats what greed does to some people.
  2. The fee commonly charged by the fishers casting their seine to catch the trading holy grail-seeking krill is $3,000.

    A $6,000 fee luring suckerfish into a chatroom, of all places, shouts, "Beware: You're Shark Bait!!"
  3. told you all sooo...:D
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    Do you have his system on pdf that you can give me. I want to check out his system and see what he is actually selling for 6K. Since you already paid for it, then maybe you will be more generous with your information than kingfish was, and give his system to me, so I can see it. Email me if you have it to give. If not, then maybe somebody else has it to give. thank you.
  5. sharing is caring!!!:D
  6. The $6k figure jumped out of your post before I got to really read it all. That was enough for me to realize that whoever you were talking about was another scam salesman...

    How does someone get people to pay $6,000 a pop for a guaranteed system which is the king of the universe..:D

    Still find it hard to believe how gullible and desparate for the Holy Grail people are in trading...
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    And some people dont want to be "flat and stupid"
  8. It has taken me awhile, but I have realized that the best one can expect, with hard work, is a positive expectancy, and then spend you money on some good psychology books because you are going to need them. The Holy Grail will never exist because if it did there would be no one stupid enough to take the other sides othe tades.
  9. He charges $7,500.00 now. He has alot of enemies. And that is why he had to move out of the country to Belize - because people in America are out to get him for stealing their money. Kingfish is a LOSER, THIEF and a FRAUD!!
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    But I can bet you there are cheerleaders in the room encouraging him and telling what great trades he's made.

    Beware. It's probably people on the payroll.
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