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Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by Simba, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. Simba


    What's with the bashing on this forum?!

    What I meant by "no search result" was that there is no separate thread about this chatroom on this forum (my search setting was set to "show results as threads only").

    The only time I ever mentioned KingCambo was in a reply on a thread called "E-mini trading strategies" (not started by me), and only as a link, for informational purpose only.

    Because there is no separate thread on KingCambo on this forum, I thought of starting a thread on it. I have no personal interest in "promoting" this site, I am not even a paying member. It was merely intended as a sincere inquiry -- I wanted to see what other traders thought about the site. Sorry if this offends some members.

    I asked one member to quantify his statement that this chatroom is "absolutely worthless". Another member responded that this chatroom "sucks". I assumed that members are intelligent and articulate enough that they can quantify such statements. I don't think my request was inreasonable.

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  2. Simba - don't give up hope, theres a sucker born everytime there uh.... is one.

    forgot how it goes but you get the picture.

    keep fighting, it's a numbers game, u can't convince everyone.
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  3. Tasuki


    Simba, to answer your question as well as I'm able, I was a frequent visitor to the KingCambo chatsite when it was free, which was a couple of years ago, but did not continue when they started charging for it. My assessment of it then, which may not be entirely relevant now, was that their calls were a bit late, and thus I didn't have much luck trading through them. Cambo and Eddie used fib numbers alot for support and resistance, which is good, but somehow they never quite got the timing of the entry points quite right, at least back then. Every week or so, they had educational forums after market hours, much as Elitetrader does from time to time, and I did pick up alot of valuable tips from them. However, I found so many other free sites with educational info that I couldn't justify the expense of continuing with Kingcambo when they became a pay site. Notwithstanding, chatsites which have no value tend to fade pretty quickly, so clearly some people find them useful for trading. Hope that helps a little. Cheers, Tasuki
    p.s. for the record, requests are reasonable or unreasonable, never inreasonable. :)
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  4. Simba, the word is "qualify." One qualifies a statement. Hence the facetious reply offering to count the words, etc.

    When this site smells a rat, it wastes no time flushing it out. Hopefully you're just getting a bad break.

    I don't know anything about KingCambo, but I do know this....
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  5. Simba, can you spell S H I L L ?
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  6. Rigel


    Is King Cambo like King Umgwanna Gitbootie?
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  7. total piece of CRAP !!!!!! any questions??????
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  8. Simba


    I am truly sorry for ever starting this thread. It was meant as an innocent inquirey, but it's catching a lot of flack from ET members.

    thank you for pointing out the typo of "inreasonable" (instead of "unreasonable"). That was a simple oversight (I know how to spell).

    I did not appreciate your post in which you call me "Simba King of the (trading) spammers". I am not a spammer! As mentioned, I am not a paying member of this chatroom, am not affiliated with them, and therefore have no interest in promoting it. I think it's mean to jump to such quick judgement and make defamatory statements.


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  9. don't fret about it Simba, theres lots of meanies on elite. It's where losers and wannabe traders hang out, so everyone tries to act big and dis the newbies.

    I for one am a wannabe trader. :)

    sorry i don't have any info on king cambo.
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  10. On 12-2-01 You spammed two commercial web sites and listed all the pros of each, *including* the *fees* of each. Then you have the audacity to return nine months later and ask:

    So maybe you're not a spammer, but certainly an idiot, the premise of which begs the question, how can you claim to be writing your thesis for an MBA in one thread and then make this asinine post in another:

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