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    Does anybody know anything about I did a search on ET with no results. This is a daytrading chatroom, it seems a little similar to (Jay Yu). They used to be free, but now charge a fee. Besides Nasdaq stocks, they also use e-mini futures as trading tools (separate chat room), which makes it interesting, especially for those who don't have the $25K to daytrade stocks.

    What do traders think about them?
    What are traders' results, profit-wise?
    Are there any recommendations of other (i.e., better) chat rooms?

  2. It should seem similar to Underground Trader. They were Jay Yu groupies before they started their site.
  3. worthless, totally worthless.
  4. Simba



    could you quantify your statement, please?!

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  6. How would you like me to quantify it? Would you like me to add up the words, Torah-style, or would you like me to do something fancier?
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    I don't know.. I'm not good in English. English is my third language but I read trough this website and it seems to me that there are just a few simple writing mistakes :)

    or am I wrong

    the chart looks like real good trading...:cool:
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    I would prefer torah style, as I have read some books about the bible codes (the most popular is garbage but others seem reasonable academic attempts). Will you count the spaces and do it from right to left?
  9. Yeah, bible codes are statistically meaningless, just like elliott waves.

    I'm not Jewish, so I'm afraid I can't help you out with the Torah...maybe someone will speak up and do it for us...
  10. Simba - funny, I just ran a search on Kingcambo and came up with your ad for it a while back.

    So obviously doing a search DOES find something - but it just finds your earlier post about it which is quite similar to your recent one - apparently no one's interested in it though
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