King Solomon (King Shlomo): If he was great and wealthy could you back it up?

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The truth about King Solomon

  1. He was just one other king, if he ever existed and lower than the kings of his time

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  2. He was made greater by writers

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  3. He was truly great, but I cannot back it up with historical monuments like in egypt, but he was grea

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  4. No opinion, but I love TJ's threads

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  1. In the books of Kings, he is described as wise and wealthy, and as if he is the greasted king who ever lived. The pens of writers can produce a lot of bullcrap, but they cannot produce historical monuments (like the egyptian pyramids) that attest to the greatness of a civilization.

    The pyramids are real because you can see them to this day. You can also see the pharaos tombs, their gold, their art, their civilisation/etc to this day. The works they left behind writes the history for them. The same for greeks, and others.

    So how come they write about Solomon as a great king, and we do not see anything to match up the claims such as realizations one could see to this day? Sholomo lived after the great pharaoes, but we still see the works of the pharoes, but one cannot see the works of Shlomo (except in books).

    Is King Solomon, just another small little Shlomo made bigger, with the succession of assholes who wrote about him ( and each added a little more achievements that may not have existed even in the mind of the authors who wrote them (but wanted people to believe in them) or was King Solomon a real King who is the greatest King ever lived?

    Check the poll up there, and vote if you did not already.
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    I saw a study comparing the ancient Israeli culture to the Egyptian culture of the same period. Israel had a written language like modern English, characters represent sounds, Egypt had pictographic joke-level underdeveloped stuff... in the area of medicine nearly every Egyptian medicine involved eating dung, dung from bugs, dung from animals, dung was the cure for nearly everything. The Israeli's had a priesthood that triaged sick people into quarantine or whatever was necessary... There was as little comparison then as there is today..
  3. It is just a study written by someone who may have a conclusion in mind. Moreover, the mummies of Egypt contradict the medicine comparison. In addition, the thread is seeking indisputable facts (like monuments that we can see today) not some imagined successes in the head of a priest/rabbi/imam.
  4. I was always led to believe that the prevailing regional cultures of the time were comparative in education, medicine and science. The Egyptians however were superior for a time due to a larger population, military prowess and administrative efficiency.
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    So you blew up your fake $100 journal and now all you do is ask stupid "trading" questions and start stupid polls?
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    Mr T-j;
    a]Good question.
    Dont forget about the other Egyptian evidence, the chariot wheels covered with coral in bottom of the Red Sea.

    b]Ever think about modern evidence like this ? It may not have been exactly King Solomon's fault, but study the time King Solomons' son, ignored the wise advice , of the old timers. His son raised taxes like an uneducated brat & lost ........:D

    c]Most wise & most wealthy king??? Yes , remember the modern evidence. As a ring of gold in a swine's snout , so is a beautiful woman without discretion. Proverbs 11;22 NASB

  8. St Luke.....Please allow me to remind you that this is the Politics & Religion & Amusement section . :) .

  9. So let me get this straight....because all evidence of solomon was written in books and not on a wall like the egyptians, it doesnt count?

    Historical monuments count, but historical documents dont? I guess the founding fathers never really had a declaration of independence then because it was written on a peice of paper and not on a wall.
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    There is no historical evidence, period.
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