King of the Street!!

Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by Bluefox, Jul 4, 2005.

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    Just out of curiosity since there are many traders in this forum I thought it would be interesting to know which stocks or futures are your milk and butter. Meaning that you usually end up making a consistent substantial profit out of this product.
    It may be past or present.
    Tell me how u dominated , manipulated or how you became the King of the Street!!:p
  2. Tell me how u dominated , manipulated or how you became the King of the Street!!

    I cannot reply. (but I take a modest percentage out of Retail Spot Forex...very modest).

    But not because I outsmarted the is what the market is giving to me every day including weekends and holidays and yes! today too.
  3. my futures system that is on both sides of the market at all times, but in different always changing ratios is my bread and butter.
  4. Considering today's trading environment, nobody's gonna tell you anything of relevance. Even telling *what* they trade is many times considered an "edge". For example, I've been trading a ''previously not well known" index and it's components for the last couple of years. But since it got heavier media coverage in the last 6 mos., my edge there has virtually evaporated.

    In fact, I only see a handful of things where there might still be some money left but most everything else is a coin toss. When I want to toss coins, I go to Vegas.

    It's also my belief that it's not *just* the system you use to trade something. Equally as important, is *what* you trade with it.

    Very few are willing to part with whatever is left out there that's making them any money and the only thing you'll get is BS from somebody who's either trying to sell you something directly or subliminally!