king of forex in a greek restaurant

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    I was eating lamb (of course) and comes in this bum looking older man.

    huge beard, not neat looking, and some kind of sweater and coat.

    as soon as couple of waitresses saw him, one of them RAN into kitchen and another went to greet him.

    the chef who I also know, came out and greeted this man very nicely, and brought with him bottle of wine.

    they sat him down, brought him a meal, (which he didn't order) fired up a candle etc.

    I was sitting table next to him, and could overhear the conversation somewhat.

    he was talking about his forex account and how he will transfer needed funds to chef's cousins for whatever they need it for.

    week later I asked the chef who was that guy,

    reply was

    "king of forex in British Columbia"

    and I thought, king hmm.... he sure didn't look it.

    I thought about asking for name, cause I am into trading too, but I got the feeling he wouldn't tell me.

    so there you go, for some reason I just wanted to share that.
  2. madrid9


    I just made that story up

    or maybe I didn't,

    I think I'll write a book, :confused:
  3. Probably he's in the money laundry business - that certainly involves a lot of forex! :D
  4. VictorS


    Yeah, Madrid, I know the guy. I know the restaurant. I often see him get the same royal treatment there. I once inquired about him .
    His name...Mr. Sammy. He married and divorced four beautiful foreign women in one year they tell me. Four-ex's. Therefore, the Four-EX king (not forex). :eek:
    It gets stranger... all the women were the chef's cousins. (that's why he discussed the "four ex" account w/chef and would transfer $$$ for "whatever they needed."

    Maybe I made this story up. Maybe I didn't.:confused:

    I'll make the movie after you write the book.
  5. Instead, share with us whatever the hell it is you are smoking.
  6. dhpar


    wow - pretty good :D - I wish I was not in Fixed Income.