KING OF BAIN....Oh My Gawd!

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  1. I told you fellas that Newt was gonna fuk Mittens up over Iowa. This hit piece is.....well, devastating.:eek:

    Man when Newt hits, he hits hard:D
  2. WOW !!!!! :eek:

    I used to be worried that Mitt might beat Obama but Obama is going to have soooooo much to work with. Obama might beat Romeny worse then he beat McCain

    Mitt's biggest strength was he supposedly knew how to create jobs from his experience at Bain but that is starting to get torn apart

    I can see it now, close to election time Obama's media will have these people on TV giving interviews 24 hours a day telling their stories of how they lost their jobs,their pay was cut,they couldn't buy their kids Christmas presents,the only food they could afford to feed themselves and their children was packs of hot dogs and their lives were destroyed because of Romenys greed .
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    Word has it that Gingrich is looking to recast Bill Bixby as the sidekick in a remake of an old TV series he's developing, which he will rename "My Favorite Mormon."
  4. Replace the Name Romeny with Obama and you will have a few million more stories to tell
  5. Actually Newt's shot himself in the foot and should close his liberal anti-Bain attack ads with "I'm Barack Obama and I approve this message."
  6. He shot the GOP in the head, that is for sure. No way Mittens wins in a general election. Picture it, the GOP with it's image of representing the one percent, sends a real live Corporate Raider to represent for President. They will be eaten alive. The GOP is DOA.
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    Yep, the headlines will probably end up reading "Newts Plan for (Attempted) Murder-Suicide!"

    Whether Romney dies or simply comes out wounded is up for debate, but the suicide of Newt is all but assured running a message like that in the GOP. Would only work against a weak upstart like Santorum who has no money to counter.

    I personally think that the failure of this video is the length. Really? They thought that the best way to reach voters was a 30-minute movie? It costs a literal fortune to reach the intended voters with something that long. Sure, there will be some free press, but there will be just as much free press waiting on a Romney response. To succeed, he must reach the intended voting block, and this message resonates best with lower-class, less educated, 40-60 year olds. In other words, a viral video won't work for this message. This message must be aired on prime time TV to have a large impact on the intended audience.

    They really thought that one 30-minute movie was better than 10 one-minute clips that could be aired during prime-time commercials for 1/2 the cost. And to make matters worse, they did it against the only candidate who can purchase 10X as much air time to counter it. For every person that Newt can bring out talking about getting laid off, Romney can bring out 10 talking about how they work at a cheese plant or dairy farm that supplies Dominoes Pizza, or a paper supplier for Staples, and Bain's ability to grow those companies provided them job security.
  8. Indeed. If the GOP wishes to lose, they will nominate Mitt. In fact, they've already made the decision and they probably realize the repercussions. Neither side wants real reform and so the one true reformer must be marginalized at all costs. I'm sure we will see some funky delegate action from the GOP to all but guarantee this.

    What it does illustrate quite nicely is the false left/right paradigm in America. If nothing else it is a perfect example to point to when trying to explain this to people. The GOP would rather lose the White House then go against a predetermined status quo direction which both 'sides' adhere to.
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    Yawnnn. Let me know when they find the equivalent of Reverend Wright, Bill Ayers, Frank Marshall Davis, Rashid Khalidi and similar associations.

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