King Obama: The Fall

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  1. Charles Krauthammer had a very good opinion piece today outlining how Obama went from king of the world to dead in the water in a mere six months.

    I especially enjoyed the following section on the sequester. The adminstration has done everything possible to inflict maximum pain from minimal cuts. I deal with this each week when I re-enter the US coming home from work and the customs lines are twice as long because the executive branch ordered this agency to deliberately inflict the pain where Americans would feel it the most.

    It began with the sequester. Obama never believed the Republicans would call his bluff and let it go into effect. They did.

    Taken by surprise, Obama cried wolf, predicting the end of everything we hold dear if the sequester was not stopped. It wasn’t. Nothing happened.

    Highly embarrassed, and determined to indeed make (bad) things happen, the White House refused Republican offers to give it more discretion in making cuts. Bureaucrats were instructed to inflict maximum pain from minimal cuts, as revealed by one memo from the Agriculture Department demanding agency cuts that the public would feel.

    Things began with the near-comical cancellation of White House tours and ended with not-so-comical airline delays. Obama thought furious passengers would blame the GOP. But isn’t the executive branch in charge of these agencies? Who thinks that a government spending $3.6 trillion a year can’t cut 2 percent without furloughing air-traffic controllers?

    Looking not just incompetent at managing budgets but cynical for deliberately injuring the public welfare, the administration relented. Congress quickly passed a bill giving Obama reallocation authority to restore air traffic control. Having previously threatened to veto any such bill, Obama caved. He signed.
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    Reps: "the only reason we opposed the measure is because we didn't want to be seen helping Obama."
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    That's a good enough reason for me, dumb ass.
  4. Quite a contrast, I might say, between you, AK47, and RCG who unilaterally and unquestioningly support Prezident Zero on every issue...
  5. If obama wasn't always trying to damage the economy and thwart personal freedoms maybe that could be seen in a negative light.

    IOW; I've heard of the bully pulpit but bama seems to think getting elected is tantamount to carte blanche obligation to fuck the USA every day in every way.

    I honestly cannot think of anything he has done that I agree with. I'm sure there's some thing .
    Will one of you lame ass liberals, remind me what that might be?
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    Obama is certainly the first 4 year old that has ever been elected president.

    I don't think he is done trying the pain game yet. He said just the other day that there was more pain to come.

    I just wish someone would stick their foot up his ass and give him a little pain, too. :D
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    I'm going to list all the countries that have Black leaders that are doing well:
  8. Ha! Check out US cities that have black elected officials. There's a book out, I've been meaning to read (at the moment I can't even recall the name of the book), the book is about black leaders and how white money from DC dries up as soon as they are elected. Go figure.
  9. Lmao,

    Barry on Syria......"Draw the line" (re chemical weapons)

    groucho marx.."If you don't like my principles...well then.. I have others"
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    The US.
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