King Bush speaks

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  1. He's at a desk factory in VA.

    I did not know we still had a factory in the USA. Must be the last one.

    And lord knows that must be where all these exports we hear about come from. We know there's a big surplus of desks in the USA because nobody has a job!
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    Please, should be titled "Greedy, sellout Bush speaks" He's not a king never will be. Just a sell out. Sold his country out to the highest bidder. Americans are left to clean up the crap. These next few years if people keep the peace, could be a great chance for America to reinvent itself and prepare itself for the future.

    Sure Bush will leave behind devistation, but we've come out of it before.
  3. There are still quite a few out there in liquidation.
  4. No surprise that not a single piker on this thread is aware of the GLOBAL implosion in share prices.
  5. Did someone just wake him up from a nap?

    Jesus Christ!
    The guy is stumbling and bumbling his way through this speech.

    Just the worst.
  6. You're still long, you stupid bitch? :D

    Maybe you can run for office on the David Duke ticket again. :eek:
  7. +6k yesterday
    -4k today.

    I'd take a g a day average forever.....
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    Not suprised A SINGLE piker in this thread isn't aware that the whole world except for Asia is invested in the U.S.. U.S. goes down so does pretty much everyone else. And the head of the world is a MORON. Reason for the GLOBAL sell off.
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    If you were making a g a day, you wouldn't be posting on ET forums. 2 days is not a good measurement for consistency, nor would you have a few thousand posts.
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    Hey Pabst,

    Do you trade pure fundamentals?
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