King Bernanke

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  1. He rules the stock market.
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    and the fx markets....there can only be one ruler.
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    And he obviously is clueless about an exit strategy so will retire and leave that minor issue to his successor.
  4. I'm sure the even more dovish successor will exit at an appropriate time.
  5. I wonder if the central bankers ever look at margin debt.
  6. He was talking completely out of his ass about 7% on unemployment. Wasn't in the minutes. He knows that he'll be long gone by the time we hit 7%, if ever. Stated Fed policy is too restrictive. The guy should be hanged for treason.

    Most fiscally reckless d-bag in the history of the Fed.
  7. I think they do, which is why they want to contain any equity sell-off in order to help Karen the Supertrader record her record profits that will cement her name into the Market Wizards Hall of Fame.
  8. When he spoke last time, he mentioned tapering... the market threw a little hissy.

    This time, mere weeks later, he says "FASTER MONEY PUMP".
  9. the FED is "all in" and is leaving nothing to chance.
  10. We dropped 100 spooz on the tapering so it's clear to the scumbag that we must inflate to 2000 for the inevitable drop to 1400. How is it possible that he talks about tapering not 30 days ago and now policy is "too restrictive"?
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