Kindergarten closed after alleged sex between 4 and 5 year-olds

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  1. That boy's life has just been ruined by the action of that perverted girl. This is worse than murder. His life will be messed up for good. I hope the loathsome little hussy who molested him will go to prison for many years.

    Calif. preschool closing after alleged sex between 4- and 5-year-olds


    Richard McCarthy says his son received oral sex from a 5-year-old girl multiple times.

    Parents are teaming up to file a lawsuit citing inept supervision after two boys at First Lutheran Church of Carson School reportedly received oral sex from a 5-year-old girl.

    A California preschool is reportedly shutting down after disturbing allegations of sexual activity among several of its 4- and 5-year-old students emerged.

    First Lutheran Church of Carson School is closing midsemester amid reports that two boys received oral sex from a 5-year-old girl on school grounds, according to KABC-TV.

    Attorney Greg Owen, who is representing some of the children's families, said the sexual acts took place at nap time, at a school playground and at an outside bathroom.

    "It all boils down to a lack of supervision," Owen told ABC News. "There were times when teachers would let aides in the room for hours at a time to watch the kids. During nap time, the aides would be sleeping, and the children would have been molesting each other during this time."

    Owen is representing several parents who are planning to file a lawsuit against the Carson, Calif., school, which has allegedly been cited by the California Department of Social Services for "at least one sexual incident that involved young students."

    School officials told KABC that its decision to close comes after the school director resigned due to personal reasons and has nothing to do with the allegations.

    Parent Richard McCarthy says that's far from the truth.

    He said his son received oral sex from the young girl on multiple occasions.

    "He told me about all the bad things that girl had been doing to him," McCarthy told the local station. "It went down in the classroom, it went down in the bathroom and it went down out on the playground."

    At least one other boy allegedly received oral sex from the same girl.

    "Their lives will be ruined in many ways," Owen told ABC News of the children. "And we know there are many more (victims)."

    Parents, meanwhile, are struggling to find new schools for their kids.

    "There's no way I can just take him to another school and be that parent that just lets a predator loose," McCarthy said of his son. "How else do you explain it?"

    McCarthy said he spoke to three other parents who are worried about sending their kids elsewhere.

    "Parents are saying, ‘My child is now a predator. Now how can I let him go to another school?’" he explained.

    "There were many children lying there, and they watched these acts. In our business and in psychological terms, that's sexualizing a child at a young age."

  2. Kids imitate their parents. Give the boys a high 5 and tell the little girl to cool it until high school. Case closed.

    Dr. Rennick Westheimer out:cool:
  3. For that 5-year-old girl to be doing that she is probably being sexually abused by an adult.Hope the cops look into that
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    If I had a 5-year old daughter behaving like that I would react pretty strongly.

    New town, new school, child therapy and no unsupervised playtime with other children. I would try to determine where she learned that little habit and then arrange for my attorney to have a chat with the parents of whomever taught her.
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    True story. When I was about 4 a neighborhood girl tried to force me to have sex with her. She said she had some sh*t that she would rub in my face if I didn't. I ran like the wind home and told my Mom. I've been kicking myself in the ass ever since for missing that young eductional opportunity.
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    This is correct.

    When I worked in juvenile court, the judges and the probation officers and the experienced attorneys (which I was not at the time I was working there)

    basically believed ..

    that in most if not all cases ... every young kid doing sexual acts has been "sexualized" by somebody else.

    That is why the Dad is so concerned.

    There is also a belief that sexualized young kids turn or become predators.

    There is a also the belief that once a molester always a molester.
    There is also the belief that young people who are the victims of predators frequently face difficult issues regarding sexuality and orientation.

    I will now give you my speculation... about how serious the childhood sexualization deal can be.

    You know why people say so many gays guys are good looking.

    1. they have time to keep themselves fit than a guy with kids.
    2. they have more disposable income than a guy with kids.
    3. they were probably good looking kids and therefore became the victims of predators far more often.

    The victims of predators frequently see sex as a doer / doee deal.
    I remember some gay friends of mine in college saying they liked particular men because of the way those men knew how to relate to women. Now that might have been a line to go after straight guys... but I think it is consistent with the thesis.

    This is also consistent with why so many counselors say rape is about power. (something which I never understood.)

    Dysfunctional sex is about power... and unfortunately the system believes it starts when little kids get sexualized.