Kimbo Slice gets his ass kicked in 14 secs

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  1. by a journeyman........ haahaa haahaa haaa heeee hee....

    Wonder if will fall off the scene now
  2. Isn't this what most ppl thought, that any "real" UFC guy would kick his ass?

    Geez. Happened so fast, it's hard to see what happened.

    Here is a Youtube clip:

    Sorry to be a nube about this, but it looks like Slice was (stupidly) leaning in after a left jab, and Seth caught him with a good right, square on the face?

    Then he proceded to pound the hell out of ole Kimbo. I saw that part!
  3. Looked at some slomo and Seth just short-arm jabbed him with a right...while backing up and on one leg!

    That's all it took to put KS on the mat. Impressive.
  4. Many mma fighters have said he has no talent.... and lo and behold, in the first fight he was in, without all the hand holding and prepping from Bas Rutten, he gets knocked out in 14 secs. I will say, most likely he wouldve beaten Ken Shamrock, but mainly do to Bas prepping him on every aspect for that perticular fighter..... put him in with someone Bas didnt train him for.... and boom.... OWNED!

    Some will argue.... well thats not fair, that was a last minute fight... well true, but come on, this is mma. You think if you put someone like Fedor in a last minute fight, Fedor would lose?? Maybe, but unlikely. Kimbo is good, but not in the same level as the top MMA fighters.... Kimbo owes alot to Bas for even coming this far.
  5. Dude, i dont know what video you watched, Buuut the guy took a fall, or , took an unexpected, quick shot to the nuts.

    Nothing, i repeat, nothing to special about this fight.

    I didnt see any actual fighting there, enlighten me please-short jab?What the hell are you talking about?

    What did i miss???
  6. I too tought it was a slip or fall..... until the replay.... kimbo rushed in and was hit with a short jab to the temple.... went down, and then was punched several times until ref stopped the fight
  7. Watch the replays at the end of some of the Youtube clips. Seth just popped him around the eye with a quick right. Didn't look like much, but Slice was cut and bleeding from it.

    At least, that's what seemed to happen? Strange fight. Glad I didn't pay for it.
  8. This was free on CBS last night. It was a great card.... also had Andrei Arlovski vs Big country Roy Nelson ....... Arlovski knocks him out in 2nd round!
  9. Well, i will have to watch it again, and again,i didn't see ANY head contact there, no strikes whatsoever actually.
    Thanks for the heads up, i didn't see squat there.

    The kimbo guy just dropped like a rock, a temple shot would account for that-but i didnt see it .
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