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  1. Does anybody else have any experience using her trading technique? Has anybody been to her seminars?

    My friend's parents have had massive success and they have taught me everything. I wanted to see if anyone else has had similar experiences and wanted to see the general thought of her on these boards.
  2. How about you educating us about this massively successful technique?

  3. I dont know if you are being sarcastic or not but its basically all about creating a credit spread OTM with 85% or better probability that the underlying won't breach your spread by expiry. Volatility calculators calculate the probability of the underlying breaching your spread or not.

    I had heard some bashing of Kim Snider on this board and I wanted to get more information on why people think her system is bad so I can get some more perspective on this system before I put real money on the table.

  4. You have posted the outcome of such a trade here :

    Just read your original post, and read your quote above. If you put the two together you will know that this isn't a "massively successful technique". 85% successful trades isn't very good when you are receiving dimes, and losing dollars.

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    If 32 people here say it's a good system then you'll put real money into it??? Running the system across a large number of trades will tell you if it's any good. Sadly, most people think that the trade is all there is to making money. How you manage the trade is just as important as the execution.

    But you gotta love people who sell seminars for a coupla grand :D
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    Massive success?
    Taught you everything?

    Then why are you wasting your time here?
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    I hope they didn't sell you the information. I've never heard of her, but anybody with a method for sale, well....good luck
  8. Brandon fredrickson?
  9. Looks like brandon fredickson has another marketing project:

    <i>am the Founder and President of Snider Advisors, a SEC Registered Investment Advisor. My firm manages approximately $90 million directly for clients, using the Snider Investment Method®, and advises on an additional $320+ million managed by our extended family of Snider Investment Method Workshop alumni. My focus is not managing your money for you, but teaching you -- and holding you accountable for -- the skills needed to manage risk, accumulate savings, and achieve your goals with confidence.</i>

    I betcha most of the above is exagerated hyperbole. Anyone want to challenge this BS?
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