Kim Jong II is such an outlaw...

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    Kim Jong II grabs these two women and sentences them to years of hard labor.. but he never sends them to the hard labor camp, in fact I thought a commentator say they were in a hotel.. that's a nice clear signal to the US that they can negotiate something, so for sure one thing he gets out of the deal is some good publicity... he's not a dumb guy at all, Jimmy Carter went there with suitcases of money to give him so he would not develop nuclear weapons.. it didn't even slow him down.. he knows these Democrats are the biggest suckers on the planet so he suckers them probably just so he can get a good laugh before he falls asleep at night...
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    The picture would not attach and I can't delete the post for some reason...
  3. kim jong il, not kim jong 2.

    Anyway, i dont know about them staying in a hotel. Their body language when they got on and off the plane suggests months of psychological trauma. I dont know what happened to them, but i cant wait to see their interviews.

    If you watch the video, you can tell that their main objective was to get on that plane as fast as possible. Then you notice that when they got on the plane that they could barely look Clinton in the eye. Now these are journalists and they always look people in the eyes when they talk. The fact that Clinton rescued them and then they had trouble looking at him in his eye, suggests that something broke them of that normal habit of looking someone in the eye when they talk.

    Watch the video. No eye contact just quick glances to everyone, and a walk that was straight to their plane, very little glancing around, then up the stairs and laura looks at Clinton just under his chin and euna looks almost straight down.

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    I'd get on the plane wing if I had to to get away from that little Jong guy.. what a Psychopath he is, starving his country and building nukes... I really think that a rogue wing of the CIA should set up a little commission for dictators and tell them all that if they get wealthy while in office, they cannot leave their country in case they get overthrown or they will have a bounty on their head and some very professional bounty hunters after them...

    Seriously, the girls just look to me like they are at the end of a serious ordeal. I've known lots of oriental women, those two just look a little embarrassed but grateful.. or maybe they are afraid of Clinton, I think Al Gore had to do some serious negotiating when the plane landed in the states to free the women, it's just a rumor at this point.... :eek: