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  1. Cack in the early 80s I went to brokerage house on Wilshire Blvd. in Hollywood where he trades commodities on a very small scale.

    One day he showed me a tool he made, after reading about it in a traders magazine, or wherever.

    The tool was nothing more than a co in ple of 1/4 inch wood, dowells (pointed on both ends) that were about 8 inches long.

    I am TOTALLY guessing here, but about 40% form one end, they were joined by a small pin, creating a pivot point.......similar to a compass that draws circles.

    He showed me on a chart that if you put the "short" side between 2 points on the chart you could, MOST OFTEN, very accurately predict where the stcok would move next.

    If you use the lonv side you could see where the stock would go longside!

    YES it really works, and N OK this is not a stupid joke.

    Has anyone heard of this tool (my buddy called them "chopsticks" and can you send me the dimensions needed to make a set?
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    Years ago I read about French Curves being used for price forecasting as you've described.
    I have no usage information.