Killer Vitamins

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Are Vitamins Good For You?

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  1. The study only found a link between vitamins and increased risk of death; it didn't prove that the supplements caused the deaths. The authors say the reasons behind their findings aren't clear.

    "We saw an increased risk of total mortality, but we don't really know what is the reason," lead author Jaakko Mursu, of the University of Eastern Finland and the University of Minnesota told CTV News.

    But they note the study adds to the growing body of research that has emerged in recent years that suggests that vitamins might not help to prevent disease, and perhaps, might actually increase the risk of death.
  2. There was something similiar in the Raleigh news and observer today.
  3. The articles are too vague. They don't say which vitamins, in what doses, or in combination with which other vitamins.

    Generalized data often leads to false implications of causality.
  4. furthermore, they didn't clarify cause of death, only death itself, which could be something as simple as those that take vitamins are more apt to actually get out and live life, therefore putting themselves at more risk for car wrecks, accidents, etc from just living outside of their living room.........